Training Academy

JAMARK Training Academy


JAMARK Training Academy is an Oklahoma Private Vocational School. We offer many courses, and several are offered at least once a month. Some courses include but not limited to, OK Conceal Carry, Cleet Phase I, II, III & IV, CPR/First AID and Defensive Tactics for both men and women.

Click here for a complete catalog of Training Academy courses, including prices for each course.

We take great pride in offering our customers outstanding service performed by highly-trained professionals. Contact our office at (580) 353-0330 or email for information about joining our team!

  • 201 SE Lee Blvd • Lawton, OK 73501
  • (580) 353-0330 • (580) 699-3294 Fax
  • Operated by Mark Rodriguez • Instructor John Goldstrom